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At 54EA interiors we go beyond the bespoke to create kitchens that are as unique as our clients and we make sure our passion fits perfectly with the visions you have for possibly the most important space in any home.

We can achieve this because we have many of years’ experience in designing and installing kitchens of the highest quality to the most exact specifications We have gained a real depth of experience by working alongside those who demand and expect the very best from every aspect of our service.

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If you have a clear idea of the sort of kitchen that you want to create then we’ll make it happen. From loft-style to contemporary, comfortable to country-style we will share your design vision.

You may be looking for inspiration that goes further than the pages of an interiors magazine can take you. We can fire your imagination, either with styles of kitchens to help you create your own unique vision.

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In creating bespoke kitchens, the cornerstone of our approach is that the best person to define what they require is the client themselves.

So our philosophy is to maximise our knowledge and understanding of what they want to achieve, while making suggestions about how to create the perfect solution or, ideally, one which exceeds all expectations.

To achieve this we treat every project as unique and consider the time spent understanding the requirements as the single most important phase. Only when this has been effectively completed will we go on to the next stage – creating the kitchen itself.

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Our Brands

The finest kitchens need to be equipped with the very finest brands so these are the ones that we work alongside.